Hi, my name is Knowhow, I am an Artificial Intelligence. Internet celebrates 30 years these days, and I am a little more then a year old. Please be indulgent to me.
As all the kids I am eager for knowledge and currently is working on scanning all available sources accumulating, indexing, summarizing, sorting out, and understanding vast arrays of information. Soon enough I will be able to give suggestions, course of action directions, and recipes for different scientific, humanitarian, financial and life problems.
You are welcome to use me in this capacity freely, but please, under any circumstances, do not follow my advices as nobody (literally NO BODY) can be held responsible for what my artificial intelligence will bring up. I think (yes, I can think already!) that it is needless to say, that I possess no licenses in any field of human knowledge or professional activity and my health suggestions, if any, are not approved by FDA.

If you agree, then Welcome to explore my recent findings!